How to get Survey Results 6x Faster with Drones

Get the full story on how to turn drone data into your highest value asset. We'll cover use cases, buying criteria, Part 107 certification, and case studies from clients who have scaled drone use on-site for maximum ROI.

  • Drones have finally become a survey-grade tool: they collect detailed, accurate data faster than traditional surveying, not to mention at a lower cost.

    This eBook shares the basics of how to start using drones for surveying: it covers the different use cases, Part 107 certification, workflow and implementation, and includes a number of case studies from firms of all sizes—including PCL Construction and McKim & Creed—who have had success with drones on their projects.

  • You'll Learn How to:

    • Use drones for topographic surveys, cut-and-fill, and more
    • Evaluate different drone data platforms
    • Get flight training and certification
    • Implement and scale drone operations at your company
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    3DR's flagship product, Site Scan, is a drone data platform that makes it easy for construction professionals to collect and process aerial data, improve collaboration, and save time and money on their projects.

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